Jeremy R. Kipnis is an Impresario. His expertise includes large-format still photography (a student of Ansel Adams & Yousuf Karsh), 3D Cinematography, Audiophile Record Production (for BMG/RCA, Chesky, Epiphany, Sony, and Warner). His longtime love of Cinema & Television fueled the 2008 design and creation of the Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS)™ - The Ultimate Home Cinema Playback Design, which he produces and creates (by hand) for select clients throughout the world. He is a 5-year Guinness World Record winner for “Most Complex Home Theater & Video Gaming System” in the world (2009 – 2013).

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Column:   The View From The Top

Widescreen Review Magazine

December 2012

By Jeremy R. Kipnis

~ Kipnis Studios ~


THE VIEW FROM THE TOP:  What Happened to the Widescreen Experience ?Widescreen_Review_-_02_13.html