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What Hi-Fi?   -  Next Big Thing

January 2010

What Hi-Fi?    -    January 2010    -    Next Big Thing:

Here’s what's cooking in the kit kitchen this month!

Kipnis Studios   -  Ciné Beta Theatrical Extravaganza:

A system such as this can only bring tears to one’s eyes.

Tears of joy to the well-off AV enthusiast and tears of sorrow to their wives.


    Call it what you please, but this is a rare super deluxe home theater rig where you can actually see and hear where some ostentatious citizen’s money is going. Specs for a beastly system like this are a mouthful no doubt, but to list every component present in there would certainly demand a special issue comprising of nothing but this particular system. So here we’ll give you a few numbers worth floating around in your head for a while. What you see is the Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS):  Ciné Beta Ultimate Home Theater System.

    Sibling to a more expensive KSS Ciné Alpha and a cheaper KSS Ciné Gamma system, it hosts a 4-way masking 18 x 10 foot Stewart Snomatte Filmscreen that’s lit up using a Sony SRX-T110 projector mostly used for commercial purposes costing in the vicinity of $185,000 dollars. Next up are unique 8.8 channels of sound, 16-subwoofers and a video resolution four times as taut as Full HD and all that, built to entertain up to a 100 people at a time. By simply adding a PS3 to this set-up, it even bagged a Guinness World Record for being the “Most Technically Complex Gaming System” in the world. With audio and video component manufacturers working hard at providing Kipnis Studios with products that set new standards for systems of the future, this is an entire setup that sets several standards for systems of the future. Each of these custom KSS home theater designs will soon catapult its audience into the movie and gaming will be a whole different ball game altogether.

    Makers of these breathtaking set ups, Kipnis Studios, offer anywhere between 2.2 million pixels all the way up to 10 Megapixel projection resolutions that can easily create enormous IMAX sized images that leave anything that’s currently available in the market far behind. Combine that within an 8.8 channel surround system that varies between a frequency response of 10 Hz to 102 kHz and 60,000 watts of sound coming from 96 separate drivers, and what you have is the most spectacular home cinematic experience available today.

    The same glorious set-up can be toned down to fit a more affordable budget with the Ciné Gamma system offered by the company. Starting at a reasonable $100k, it can serve 12 guests with ease; while an even newer KSS system called Ciné Delta offers Kipnis Studio Standard certified kits that begin at $10k. Those of you with over $10 Million to spare can opt for the Ciné Alpha system instead. Audiophile or not, Kipnis Studios certainly offers an experience in ultimate home theater like none other to absolutely anyone with as much green as a forest, a fully functional pair of ears and eyes and no neighbors (because they’ll be over all the time!).