Unknown to most but intuitively obvious nonetheless, isolation of components from both internal and external vibrations is critical to fully realizing the potential of any component or system.


Once each source component is completely isolated (>39 dB reduction from 2Hz - infinity for x, y, & z axis), the improvement in presentation quality is anything but subtle, especially when this technique is applied to every device used in the Kipnis Studio Standard.

Vibration & Isolation

Bad Vibrations?   -   The detractor of total silence!

Track 10 - Exeter’s Mansion

Herman Stein / HSO

Monstrous Movie Music

You must see and hear the difference to believe!

Your 3-dimensional KSS recreation is now complete - with both picture and sound being recreated with absolutely uncompromising precision and believability!

Picture definition is also greatly improved, providing noticeable gains in color definition and overall transparency.  Contrast ratio is also enhanced, allowing for daylight impact alongside seemingly limitless black levels.

Sound quality becomes significantly more lucid and agile presented against much quieter backgrounds of velvety, inky black silence. Imaging becomes pinpoint while subtle ambient cues that were previously hidden are now presented in sharp relief.

An overhead view of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.  The design illustrates a completely suspended, isolated, replaceable module, independent from all other connected foundational supports.

Added distortion & ringing muddy the presentation!


Fine attention to vibration absorption or redirection is crucial to creating a fully immersive viewing and listening experience.

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