Have you ever expected to just think what you want to watch or listen to - - - and it simply happens?

Touch Screen

Track 5 - Journey to Nepal

John Williams / LSO

Classic Records

We offer a wide variety of control and automation solutions for your KSS system. Touch screen systems from Crestron Control 4, and Apple are intricately programmed to make your time listening or viewing a truly transparent experience. Whatever you wish to watch or listen to is merely a few clicks away.

You can even control the system using an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad - it’s really that simple to use. And, you can access your entire library of picture and sound, movies and music, work and play from anywhere in the world. Yet you will only truly experience the total quality of your collection inside the Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) - the unsurpassed screening experience!

You’ll also be surprised that your touch screen control system allows you to preview or view separately any portion of your library, even as many as 32 different sources, simultaneously. And the choice of icons you use can be anything from Baroque to Star Trek, and anything else you might imagine - it can even change at the touch of a button to suit your evolving tastes.

The only limits are those YOU may require!

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