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The Kipnis Studio Standard

Important Technological Video Facts


Going Beyond Where Anyone Has Ever Gone Before!

In the end, what we really remember . . .

. . . is the experience itself!

Track 1 - Main Title

John Williams / LSO

Film Score Monthly

My goal is to create the very finest picture and sound presentation possible for you in your home or studio office, available to you at any time, without exception.

I guarantee the results!

The result is a new type of screening room experience capable of fooling your senses. You will become so involved in what you see and hear that you may believe it’s real.

Inside the Kipnis Studio Standard, picture and sound fidelity are idealized through rigorous, continuous, daily testing and comparison with reality and the very best of film, video, and audio recordings.

Set up and calibration of an RGB playback system must use instrumentation and careful alignment techniques to guarantee color purity and tonal accuracy.

RGB is an additive color system, while CMY (and sometimes K = Black) is subtractive. The two systems produce noticeably different results.

This is in sharp contrast to film and print media used over the last one-hundred & fifty plus years which use Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

These are the same color primaries that the human retina is sensitive to and from which our full color vision is derived.

Did you know that Electronic Cinema, Video, and modern Still Photography capture and replay images using Red, Green, and Blue light color primaries.

In my demonstration system, you will experience a level of presentation that sets new standards for our industry, and many others. No effort or expense has been spared to bring together the world’s finest audio and video technical achievements in a single system.

Close attention to every possible detail that might effect absolute fidelity has been carefully examined and is continuously reviewed and tested as new technologies become available. The results are a degree of immersion unparalleled except by actually being there live.

The Kipnis Studio Standard allows professionals the opportunity to create the very best products they possibly can.

TODD-AO Concepts 1956 (Uncorrected)

Over 40 years of love and close examination of motion pictures, television, still photography, video games, the internet, and recorded music - the complete art and science of fooling the senses - have inspired me to create a combination of “standards-breaking” technologies brought together into a single room, designed and implemented without compromise or constraints.

Carefully chosen and integrated audio and video technologies are assembled within artfully inspired and designed acoustics. These are constructed on an absolute quality standard to provide the world’s greatest picture and sound experience from any program source thus far created.

Created and designed to reveal the very subtlest of differences simultaneously alongside the most enormous of visual and aural instances, the Kipnis Studio Standard is capable of replicating a single raindrop amongst an entire hurricane, both aurally and visually.

Welcome to The Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS)™, a cutting edge combination of benchmark technical achievements involving the very best picture and sound creation assembled into an idealized screening room experience of unparalleled quality.

Have you ever wanted to experience the very best movie presentation or music listening session with absolute fidelity? In a screening room capable of fooling your senses? An incredible room dedicated solely to enjoying and appreciating every type of movie, television program, photograph, or recording ever created? Under the very best conditions?

My Testament to You!


The Lobby of the Luxor Hotel IMAX Theater - one of only a handful of commercial cinemas able to produce Academy Screening Levels of Quality.

The IMAX and OMNIMAX Systems have offered the finest in large screen picture and sound quality beginning in 1969. Only now, with the Kipnis Studio Standard, can we finally raise the bar significantly higher.

Please email for a Demonstration!