It’s more than a live performance! More than a recording . . . . . . It’s somewhere beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before! Quite simply, it’s the best I’ve ever seen or heard - anywhere in the world!  But don’t quote me on that!    :-)

-   David Chesky     (Composer, Producer: Chesky Records, Manhattan Production Music, HDTracks.com)

The facility is world class! The backwoods of Redding, Connecticut are not exactly prime space for production companies, or whomever may wish to view their work on a grand scale. (But,) If your room were in Burbank or Hollywood, I could see it as the "standards" screening facility.

-   Robert A. Harris     (Academy Award Winning Film Preservationist & Restoration Producer)

I‘m blown AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Simply, the best I’ve ever heard, anywhere, next to live!.

-   Jerry Gladstein     (Publisher - Fi Magazine)

Considering the scope of his home theater ... along with an audio system that can be heard from outer space - this is one crazy system. The light output is INSANE and can light up a truly huge screen with resolutions that make 1080p look silly!  It’s SO bright and crisp you can't believe you are watching video.  NOTHING in consumer (audio or) video can begin to compete.

-   Jerry Del Colliano    (Founder/Editor: AVRev.com ModernHomeTheater.com  AVRevForum.com HomeTheaterReview.com)

Amazing.  You’ve raised the bar!

-   Alan Gouger     (Founder/ Editor: AVSForum.com)

OUTSTANDING!  This is great.

-   Derek W. Smith     (SUITESOUNDS.com – President)


-   Joel Diamond     (Oscar & Emmy Award Winning American Composer)

The system was effortless, and utterly revealing of all audio and video nuance.  Good program material benefited from the great presentation, great material was breathtaking.  As with most systems with massive cone area and power, the big stage soundtracks conveyed the majesty of a large stage and hall.  Small stage music ... scaled down the stage-size appropriately.  The absence of non-essential electrons ... was remarkable.

-   Bob Graffy     (Vice President - Snell & Boston Acoustic Loudspeakers)

I was most impressed with the effortlessness of the sound.  I was always under the impression that multiple subwoofers played louder but wasn’t convinced that they have more impact without necessarily being louder … I was wrong!

-   David Kepke     (Multimedia Resource Group Inc. - CEO)

Impressive!  Amazing!  Astounding!  I ultimately lack adequate words to express the state of being overwhelmed!

-   Allen Pluth     (Priest, Theologist)

Mother of GOD.  It looked and sounded fantastic and I can't wait to have another opportunity to experience it!

-   Jon Lybrook     (Tera Bear Consulting - CEO)

F*&^%$%ing impressive.  OUTSTANDING!  That puts you to the head of the class, does it not?

-   George Anderhaggen     (Newtown Business Counseling Center – CEO)

Wow!  The layout (is) fantastic and … the clarity of sound and picture are second to none!

-   Richard Donnelly     (Florida Montessori Principle)


-   Richard Wyton     (Continuo Productions – President, Flutist)

It was the most amazing "home theater" I've ever been in.  The sound is better and more enjoyable than you hear at most concerts.  It is incredibly lifelike.  Jeremy is a genius and a very gracious host.

-   Gary Pearl     (Audio/Video Interiors)

O.M.G.!!!  What other comment can one have.  Who would have imagined? Amazing!

-   Charles Hinton     (McIntosh Sales and Technical Support Team Manager)

I thought I’d seen (and heard) everything, but nothing’s come close to this!

-   Steve Guttenberg     (Home Theater Magazine, CNET, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, The Rob Report, Engadget, Audio/Video Interiors.)

Track 2 - Star Wars: The Flag Parade

Paul Bateman / CPPO

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