360 - Degree Flawless Sonic Immersion

Surround Processing

Track 8 - Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

John Barry


I guarantee it!

Accuracy is our business!

From the subtlest whisper to the loudest thunder-clap, no sound can escape accurate recreation by the Kipnis Studio Standard!

An early stage of Ciné Beta’s transformation from a musician’s practice studio into the Kipnis Studio Standard! Note Asta - the miniature schnauzer - at center.

My choice of industry leaders such as Theta Digital, Lexicon, and Meridian for surround sound processing, set-up with my uncompromising attention to detail and subtlety of presentation guarantee you the most realistic sonic results imaginable.

Whether listening to a 5.1 source or even a 6.1 or 7.1 master,  the realism of the mix (or lack thereof) must be totally palpable for me to know what I’m hearing.

The Uptown Cinerama Movie Palace in Cleveland Park, Connecticut Ave - NW, Washington, DC. One of only a handful of Super Cinerama movie theaters to still be in use today.

HD-DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, Cable, Satellite, Game and Internet sources all have the capability to offer dramatically superior sound fidelity than most people have come to expect even from the best theatrical experience possible. But this potential sound quality must be accurately decoded, processed, and distributed in order to create a totally immersive experience.

Most of the time, this recreation simply is not achieved, and the resulting sound can be bright, edgy, flat, boomy, and uneven. Worse, dialog can be almost unintelligible when accompanied by a complex and loud surround mix that is not decoded properly. This is all too typical and contributes to the public’s belief in bad theater sound by comparison to something set-up at home - which also is usually poorly set-up or incorrectly calibrated.

The SRX-S110 operating in Quad Mode - 4 simultaneous 2k or 1080p60 images at full resolution!

Can you guess all four films pictured? Imagine being able to hear all four sources easily at the same time.

I have tested and researched the world of multi channel playback and decided the ideal channel layout must begin with an 8.8 sound system.  That is 8 full range channels and 8 dedicated low frequency transducers - arranged in an octagon with exactly 45 degrees between adjacent channels.

Films, television, video games, and today’s multi-channel digital sources require significant processing power to properly and accurately recreate their intended 360 degree soundfields.

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