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January 2010

STUFF.TV      January 2010      HOT Stuff:

The Ultimate Home Theater: Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) - Ciné Beta

$6 Million USD    /     www.Kipnis-Studios.com

Give an audiophile $6 Million of the green stuff and here’s what his living room will look like, with a Guinness World Record thrown in to sweeten the deal.


    Finally! A super deluxe home theater rig where I can actually see where some ostentatious citizen’s money is going.

     See and hear where the money’s going, may we add. With 8.8 channels of sound, 16 subwoofers and a video resolution four times as taut as 1080P, this is the most immersive Home Theater experience available today. Accommodated in a room 28.5 x 36 feet in size, there’s 60,000 watts of sound filling up that space that’s truly worthy of worship. Capable of entertaining anywhere between 10 - 100 people at a time, this system lies in the middle of a range that gets even more extravagant with the KSS Ciné Alpha system setup and costs in excess of twice the amount.

    So there’s a system out there that can trounce even this one? Shouldn’t that be called the “Ultimate Home Theater” then and not this one?

     Creators Kipnis Studios do have on offer the KSS Ciné Alpha home theater that costs $10 Million and up and entertains up to 20,000 people. However, that system is yet to be made. Until then, the Ciné Beta version here, with its Sony SRX-T110 projector that’s mostly used in commercial applications lights up a 4-way masking 18 x 10 foot Stewart Filmscreen Snomatte 100 Laboratory Grade screen while bumping up Blu-Ray content to 4 times normal resolution via HDMI connection. If for some unimaginable reasons, you do miss the good ol’ days of native “1080P Full HD”, there’s a secondary projector for exactly that, as well. And it all is controlled at the touch of a button.

    Alright, so I can’t afford the Ciné Beta and I certainly can’t afford the Ciné Alpha system. Is there anything this company offers other than complete bankruptcy?

     Oh you can’t? Here we were, thinking you’re their next customer. Good news is, this KSS system is highly flexible, which means there’s a Ciné Gamma system that can be yours for $100k only; and even a new KSS system called Ciné Delta, that offers Kipnis Studio Standard certified kits beginning at $10k. Offering the same glorious performance to 12 lucky guests, the only THIS it’s missing is the tag: “Most Technically Complex Gaming System” in the world; courtesy Guinness Book of World Records. That’s right. The Ciné Beta system houses a PS3 & XBOX 360 too. Time to shut those eyes and envision the most engaging NFS race you’ll ever play.