Mark Levinson No. 51 Digital Media Player - One of Several Hand-Made Instruments I recommend highly!

Track 21 - Additional Cues

John Barry / LSO


Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy the music!

~                           Intermission                           ~

Finally, I taylor your KSS Cinema System to meet your exacting requirements, whichever they may be, whatever format they may be in, however and whenever they may be required!

Although challenging at times, it is my personal guarantee to myself and to you that every component I offer you in The Kipnis Studio Standard is capable of only the absolute finest fidelity.

No manufacturer or design has been skipped in my search for the very finest quality components the world has to offer. Always my goal is to identify which source technologies offer the finest picture and sound quality with the greatest possible reliability. Only then can I offer them to you with my total assurance of quality.

The ELP Laser Turntable - One of the best, most astonishing turntables every to be created.

5 separate Lasers read the grooves of Lp’s, 45’s and even 78’s with unerring accuracy.

Daily evaluation of both brand new cutting edge technologies alongside tried and true historical favorites guarantees that picture and sound quality are the very best available on the planet - regardless of source.

The finest source components provide an unlimited amount of distortion free headroom so you can be certain the images and sound you experience precisely recreate every source in its entirety.

In the environment I create for you inside The Kipnis Studio Standard, you can easily enjoy as well as analyze or critique each and every program source you choose to experience.

The Sony Qualia 004 - 3 Chip SXRD 1920 x 1080p Video Projector

with its companion 1.43 - 1.86 Carl Zeiss Vario Zoom Lens.

I select hand-made components from throughout the world which are carefully chosen and tested to offer only the finest, most accurate audio and video transparency possible, far exceeding any previous experience you may have had - short of the source: being there!

A separate CD or SACD Transport is a great asset - it keeps the power supply and Digital to Analog Converters completely isolated from the noisy motion ridden disc spinner.

The digital audio and video equipment I choose to use to drive this software road are incredibly precise and provide extremely accurate tracking of the software to an extent previously unheard or seen.

The Hand Made CD Only Transport features over 46 different materials in the construction of its base. It’s sound quality is second to none!

When it comes right down to it, source equipment is the vehicle we use to drive our current audio and video world of digital presentation. The Software we play is our roadway.

Dead Fall

Eyes Wide Shut

Ed Wood

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