The recreation of an accurate soundfield is one of the very hardest of all the arts and sciences.


Track 1 - Main Title

Jerry Goldsmith / NPO

Varese Sarabande

There is a clear and unique sonic character to each and every program source, with many throwing a huge, deep, and wide sound-stage which extends well beyond the boundaries of the listening room. All you hear is the ENTIRE sound of the recording or film around you, and nothing else - a completely believable 3D sonic recreation.

Correctly recreated, the sound produced by the Kipnis Studio Standard startles the listener in both its absolute transparency and accuracy of volume control, creating a three-dimensional soundstage wherein the position of each sonic element is perfectly defined, in front of and around the center seat.

While it is easy to listen to a recording of almost any quality and discern all the principal elements that make it recognizable, a 78 record or AM Radio, for example, it is quite different to recreate a particular soundfield with a degree of rarified atmosphere that raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

This is because our ear/brain system is exceptionally well suited at codifying and localizing sounds in 360 degrees all the way around our bodies.

To achieve this total transparency, I assemble a very specialized arrangement of hand-made, hand-picked playback equipment composed of source components, amplifiers, and speakers. These are precisely located inside an idealized acoustic space (of your design choosing) with the listener at the center.

By accurate, I mean capable of truly fooling your senses (your very being, in fact), into believing that something recreated by the Kipnis Studio Standard is, in fact, threatening your life, like an oncoming freight train or clap of thunder. Your body involuntarily looks toward the source of the sound, and prepares to flee!

You simply must hear it for yourself!

Unique digital signal processing allows for any source to be completely sonically realized, both accurately and temporally - one feels the sound, just as in life!

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