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Written by Jeremy R. Kipnis

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(Best In-Wall Speakers in the World)
June 2009BestCovery_-_06_09.html

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(Stewart Filmscreen - StudioTek 100)
September 2009
(SIM2 C3X LUMIS HOST Front Projector)
November 2009

Join me for an experience in Cinema and Music fidelity

unlike anything you’ve ever imagined!
(3D Making Major In-Roads)
December 2009

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Widescreen Review Magazine
(View From The Top:   CINERAMA  -  Bigger is Better)
December 2012Widescreen_Review_-_12_12.html
(Bonitor MP201 Pocket PICO Projector)
December 2009
(The 10 Best Sounding Rooms from the New York Audiophile Show 2012)
April 2012
(Sony SRX-220 - 4K Cinema Projector)
October 2008
EXCLUSIVE REPORT:   High-End Audio Boutique #14
(MERIDIAN AUDIO  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA)
November 2012Meridian_Boutique_14_-_12_12_2.html




Digital Amplifier Co.

MEGAschino Stereo AmpMEGAschino_Review_-_03_18.html
Digital Amplifier Co.

- Mono Block AmplifiersGolden_Cherry_Review_-_07_18.html