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Kipnis Studio Standard
K - S - S
Professional Cinemas     &     Audiophile Listening Rooms

You are about to enter into the greatest screening & listening experience you have ever had.

Track 11 - Star Trek Voyager

Jerry Goldsmith / RSO

Varese Sarabande

Available to you when you want it, where you need it - anytime!

Welcome to the
The Greatest Show on Earth
is about to begin!
You are beginning a journey into the single most advanced, cutting edge, state-of-the-art screening room ever to be created.
Each and every motion picture, television program, video game, still photograph or music recording can be experienced in better fidelity than anywhere else.
The very best technical and artistic innovations throughout history have been brought together and applied directly in the service of pure picture and sound fidelity.

You name the application & source:

  1. Motion Pictures, Television, Still Photography

  2. 2k & 4k Digital Academy & IMAX Screenings

  3. Cinema Digital Proofs - Final Quality Control

  4. DPX Digital Dailies / JPEG 2000 DCI Prints

  5. BluRay - HD-DVD - DVHS - HD Cable & Satellite

  6. PS-3, XBOX-360, Wii, Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS

  7. SACD - DVD-Audio - PCM - CD - LP - 78 - Tape

QN - 13
Quintessentially Needed
(after the age of 13)

Featuring superior image and sound fidelity, even by direct comparison to . . .

The Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) is the last word on Picture and Sound Quality regardless of source!

Are you prepared?

I guarantee you that your screening and listening experience will be the very best on the planet - and as perfect as absolutely possible - for the life of your system and your personal desires!

Whether you are a film professional, still photographer, actor, writer, musician, composer, or Chairmen of the Board, the Kipnis Studio Standard offers you the opportunity of owning the very finest, state-of-the-art picture and sound experience possible with any program source in a single room.

You can even experience 4 (four) separate sources at full 2k resolution - simultaneously, allowing for uncompromised A/B/C/D comparisons.

Please email for a Demonstration!