Thankfully, each and every component in a Kipnis Studio Standard System operates on it’s own individual and totally dedicated + 60/- 60 Volt differentially balanced AC signal, as opposed to the more typical +120 on the positive lead only, and 0 volts on the neutral (US).


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Believe it or not . . .

Picture and Sound Quality actually begin at your local (and sometimes very distant) power plant!

That generated A/C (alternating current) signal must travel through hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles of wire before finally arriving at your home or office. Even once there, noise and distortion can easily find its way into your 60 Hz (or 50 Hz) line voltage - the life’s blood of any recording and playback system.


Picture quality is equally improved, rendering images of unimagined depth, color, and impact!

The Kipnis Studio Standard is the first playback system in the world to utilize an “All Balanced Differential Power Supply System” that runs from the incoming signal off of the street all the way to the speaker drivers themselves.

Any damaging power noise that would normally be present in the incoming street derived A/C signal, along with any further contamination caused by cross talk and inter-component ground loops, no matter how small, are completely eliminated and nullified through common mode noise rejection.

Therefore, each component receives an identical, pure,  differentially balanced A/C power signal via absolutely identical lengths of the very finest impedance balanced copper wire, thus producing significantly lower noise and distortion (6 Orders of Magnitude) than any other power supply or power distribution system in use anywhere today.

These completely separate A/C feeds are further transformed into two, all differentially balanced 120 Volt feeds of 800 amperes each - 1,600 amperes total for Ciné Beta and Gamma designs, > 6,400 amps for Ciné Alpha!

Separate transformers, one entirely for the Analog components, and one entirely for the Digital components, steps down the Alternating Current from the street to a more modest and usable 240 Volts.

It is here that I begin treating the incoming A/C signal with the same respect I treat audio or video signals traveling between components in the KSS system.

Analog and Digital components are vibrationally and electrically isolated from each other all the way back to the master power connection out on the main street, a 13,800 Volt signal.

In the very same manner, each and every component is connected via identical lengths of George Cardas’ 5/9 Solid-Core Copper Romex (specially commissioned for KSS) directly from the main panel boards via individual 40 amp aerospace-grade audiophile circuit breakers.

The purpose of using this revolutionary approach is to cancel any common mode noise and reject it before it ever becomes an issue with any component’s performance. This makes for an astonishing improvement in visual and aural transparency once applied to each and every component.

Decades of professional audiophile recording & film production / engineering have proven to me time and time again the need for absolutely pure power to create clean, clear, three-dimensional audio recordings & motion pictures of unequalled clarity.

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