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Track 2 - Main Title

Brad Fiedel


From Direct Current (DC) to the Speed of light (186,232 MPS), all the frequency extremes from sound through picture and beyond are reproduced entirely accurately by The Kipnis Studio Standard.


Films of Notoriety

Candy    -    Hot Snacks    -    Cold Drinks

Technical Facts

96,000 Watts of power are required to drive the audio portion of The Kipnis Studio Standard (1,000 Watts for each driver!) - both a thunderclap and a pin drop can be heard in precise proportion.

10,000 ANSI Lumens are required to accurately illuminate an 18’ wide 1.90:1 motion picture screen (48.5 foot - Lamberts - over three times the SMPTE Standard), creating daylight contrast ratios.

Each of the 8.8 audio channels is amplified by a chorus of six separate sections - Bass - Baritone - Tenor - Alto - Soprano - Coloratura - reducing distortion to an absolute minimum.

Over 8.89 Megapixels (more than 4 times 1080p or even 2k) are employed in creating images with unparalleled detail, color, impact, and 3-dimensionality - better by far than 70mm and even IMAX.

Classic architectural forms found in concert halls, churches, and monuments throughout the world are used to control room acoustics alongside updated CAD enhanced versions.

Don’t forget your change !

I have been searching the planet for the very best picture and sound possible for over 37 years.

When I couldn't find it reliably . . .

. . . I decided to make it myself!

Please email for a Demonstration!