Not since Twentieth Century Fox’s first use of 70mm film in their Grandeur System (1929), or 3-Strip Cinerama (1952), and then the introduction of Spherical 70mm TODD-AO by Metro Goldwyn Meyer (1955) has there been a more monumental improvement possible in the presentation of Motion Pictures, Television, any Visible or Audible medium!


Picture Quality is your Window on your World.

Track 1 - Outer Space

Joel McNeely / LASO

Varese Sarabande

CIE UCS Chromaticity Diagram (1976)

- Deep Color Space -


Color Input Target

- Film Reference -

You simply haven’t experienced 21st Century Image (and Sound) Quality until you have experienced one of our Hand-Tailored demonstrations!

The very best video projectors are currently capable of near ideal color quality and light output {versus film on a neutral screen}, superb gray scale {by photographic print standards} and the widest possible color gamut ever to be created and consistently reproducible.

Now you need never suffer a bad presentation again!

"TODD-AO film, plus the TODD-AO camera, plus the TODD-AO "all-purpose" projector, plus TODD-AO Orthosonic sound, and the great, arced TODD-AO screen equal clarity of perspective, delineation, and color reproduction. But, most important with TODD-AO, audience participation now has its fullest expression."   -   From the first Michael Todd-AO promotional film highlighting the virtues of TODD-AO!


A new level of performance is finally at hand!


The quality of new digital projection systems has improved enormously over the last three years. To put things in perspective, in April of 1997, DVD was just coming to market, offering resolutions of no more than 720 x 480 pixels. Today, it is easily possible to reproduce the resolution and picture quality of traditional 35mm film and even exceed it, offering 70mm and IMAX quality presentations and beyond!

In particular, Motion Pictures are now being displayed digitally in more and more movie theaters around the world. Soon, unfortunately, there will be no film involved in the production or presentation of the visual arts. Films, Television, Video Games, Still Photography, and the Internet will increasingly originate in an entirely Digital Universe - resulting in a Digital Master rather than a conventional celluloid film negative and print. It is, therefore, now possible to experience vastly superior picture (and sound) fidelity from these new digital sources by using the cutting edge in digital projection.

Currently, the best available digital projection technology involves three 4k reflective LCOS (liquid crystal on silicone) panels, capable of over 8.89 Mega-pixels each! With so many Film and Television programs now being created and released in the High Definition 1920 x 1080p format, it is imperative to view and evaluate these programs only with 4k or higher display systems.

Projector technology, combined with a properly aligned screen and sound system, are the basis of any good cinema. Yet, SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) standards simply do not address many of the basic issues of picture and sound fidelity that must be seen and heard (in my demonstration room) to be appreciated. Neither does the THX cinema quality control standard, although it has greatly improved production and presentation standards for both picture and sound in our industry.

These motion picture formats have only hinted at what is now possible in the 21st century using the cutting edge in digital projection technology, beyond state of the art surround sound audio, and optimally created screening rooms with perfect site-lines and outstanding acoustics.

In fact, the most recent innovations in film display technology came with the introduction of Super Cinerama (1962) featuring a floor to ceiling / wall to wall screen and spectacular 7.1 surround sound. Even today, 15/70 IMAX (1969), so familiar in museums and certain movie palaces is largely the same technology today as it was almost 40 years ago.

You should never have to put up with washed out credits, much less dull, lifeless previews, ever again - unless you want to!

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