Ologe Acoustic Loudspeakers

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Here is our basic concept - by employing simple and elegant exterior design, which reduce unnecessary coloration and distortions, the visual and sound performance of Ologe speakers are characterized by their minimal, simple and straightforward features.



• Flat Frequency Response with the Fastest Driver Rise Time

• No Coloration from Cabinets creates Mammoth Dynamics

• Wide and Holographic Soundstaging

• Subtle Musical Detail and Imaging Preserved

• Adjustable Driver Modes to Suite any Acoustic Environment

Available in Satin & Glossy Finishes     -     BLACK - WHITE - SILVER - GOLD - RED

ZERO  •  0

ONE  •  1

FIVE  •  5

TEN  •  10

TWENTY  •  20

Precision Series

The old thinking was that lower bass frequencies required larger ported cabinets or sealed cabinets. Ologe research proved that the larger the cabinet, the greater number of factors to potentially compromise accurate response and dynamic range. Each Ologe cabinet is precisely calculated to minimize air movement, enabling Ologe custom drivers to produce frequencies low and high instantaneously and accurately. Ologe’s atypically thin cabinets were designed to reduce reflection from cabinet sides, their broad faces were rigorously calculated for the needs of each driver, producing minimal sonic diffraction. The speakers cabinets are angled from the horizontal to reduce diffusion and low frequency ground reflection. And it is these and many other factors which have created a uniquely stylish and musically involving loudspeaker family that is sure to please everyone.

OLOGE ACOUSTIC - Precision Series

(Satin Black)

Kipnis Studios (KSS) is the Authorized Distributor for OLOGE in North America

Please email or call for a DEMO or to place an order!