In the beginning (or very soon thereafter) there was quite a lot of light and visible energy - flying out into the universe in all directions. But today, we understand these life giving photonic emissions by their myriad visible colors, hues, and intensities as they appear in our daily lives.


Who hasn’t walked down the street of a major city during some holiday season and not seen all the colorful lights illuminating the carefully orchestrated window displays?

Lighting Makes The Show!

21 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Paul Sawtell - LSO

Silva Screen Records

These window and store displays, Broadway and Las Vegas shows, movies, television, operas, and more all use colored lighting to define and accentuate whatever the experience.

Your viewing and listening experience inside The Kipnis Studio Standard should have whatever choice of lighting you desire. From single monotone color wash throughout the room in any color visible, to precise chromatically chosen multi-color schemas featuring distinctive lighting processions that can set any mode and create a real experience, even when just sitting and listening to music!

With a nearly limitless choice of colors, hues, intensities, and computer controlled accessibility using your touch screen, you and I can design and choose whatever lighting schema you desire, and completely meet and even exceed any expectations you may have had regarding room ambience. We can even anticipate any changes that might suite your changing mood and make them available to you at the touch of a button.

There is an entire universe of color and programming possibilities, limited only by our imaginations.

Colorful    -    Subtle    -    Dramatic    -    Inspiring

If you consider some of your favorite films (even the black and white ones) or significant life experiences for a moment, you will surely remember the impact of certain types or shades of lighting and how they made you feel at that moment.

I believe these feelings from our life experiences translate back into lighting schemas, again. These can truly set the stage for a great and repeatably enjoyable experience in a room dedicated to the evaluation and enjoyment of picture and sound.

You set the mood!

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