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Once you’ve experienced the view and heard the sound from the “Director’s Chair”, there will be no going back!

We at KSS are constantly striving to improve picture and sound fidelity, the Kipnis Studio Standard is your guarantee of always being at the cutting edge of Motion Picture and Sound presentation for as long as you own your system.

Carefully aligned arrays of loudspeakers completely surround the center seat - The Director’s Chair - producing a seamless soundstage of tremendous weight and proportion. From the tiniest sound of a dropped pin to the enormous boom of a thunder clap, The Kipnis Studio Standard delivers unparalleled sonic fidelity resolving both the largest and the smallest sounds in perfect proportion.

Sound quality is equally important as picture fidelity, easily offering more than half of the immersive movie-going experience. The Kipnis Studio Standard has been designed to combine audiophile technologies with mixing stage listening sensibilities. Both the clarity of presentation and the precision of sound create a palpable listening experience that is as realistic as actually being there!

A comparison of several different display formats (by size) according to resolution:

35mm, 70mm, IMAX 15/70 and The Kipnis Studio Standard! (> 4x IMAX Resolution).

The Kipnis Studio Standard

Only being there live might possibly offer you a superior experience.

With the Kipnis Studio Standard, you will finally experience picture and sound quality that is shamelessly cutting edge, easily surpassing the very finest IMAX theaters world-wide and even superseding well timed Academy prints suitable for both a premiere or AMPAS screening.

KSS quality standards for picture and sound are second to none, requiring over 40 years of design, assembly, and implementation to produce the first Kipnis Studio Standard Ultimate Screening Room. No expense has been spared to assemble the very finest state-of-the-art experience possible, for each and every viewer and listener alike.

The screening rooms created by Kipnis Studios provide the most enjoyable, accurate and highest immersive viewing and listening experience one can find anywhere! No commercial movie theater, IMAX, professional posting stage, inside-the-industry screening venue, or tricked-out hobbyist's media room can equal the experience that we will create for you.

Once experienced, KSS will become an absolute necessity in your life!

If you are really, really serious about the quality of both the picture and sound you experience on a daily basis, then you need a Kipnis Studio Standard Ultimate Home Theater for you to experience regularly in your home, office, yacht, or even airplane.

One Final Point

Unsurpassed Quality - Artistic Fidelity - Customer Confidence!

Time is precious! And there are certain intangible qualities to presentation fidelity that are waiting to be heard - seen - and experienced, by you!

Consider a significant parallel: Rolls-Royce use craftsmen to create their automobiles. No amount of
computers and/or robots can build a car with that indefinable property and quality that simply is a Rolls-Royce, or a Ferrari, or an Aston Martin. Most manufacturers these days are trying to build fine motorcars that will do everything correctly, and they will get you from here to there, but -- they just don't have those ineffable characteristics that define an art form, and they never will.

You can't become a Rolls-Royce overnight. You
can't cause a machine to create a Picasso. So it really depends on what you want out of your time being entertained. Are you after a room that is a joy to spend time in -- an art form -- or do you want to just watch movies and listen to music as background or filler? Should media just be computerized? Instead of buying records or CDs, one could just buy a program that plays a MIDI [synthesizer] version of your music, and you would have just that - electronically recreated music - but not an unforgettable musical performance and experience. It would be sterile and the same as having a speech recognition system in the phone or computer that then tells the receiving end to regenerate a facsimile of your speech (like Dr. Stephen Hawking), instead of transmitting your actual voice through the telephone.

The business saying “good is good enough” dehumanizes the real-time life experience of art and all it’s creative aspects. This lessens and dilutes the many moments that together form a memory of an unforgettable event in time and space. Then you are no longer involved with quality, fidelity, or integrity in service of art and the human ability to experience it and be both entertained and enlightened.

This almost always comes down to a commercial decision rather than an artistic choice. The same way that television or FM radio operate on a level that satisfies the majority of people rather than all the people. I personally insist upon having the very best! You can either buy a cheap piano or you can buy a Steinway or a Bösendorfer. You can choose to purchase a Toyota or a Lamborghini. And you can decide to listen to an ordinary violin or a Stradivarius.  At any moment in time . . . it’s entirely up to you!


Join us for an experience in Cinema and Music fidelity

unlike anything you’ve ever imagined!

Email us for a complete demonstration!


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