Design Considerations


Which seat is truly the Best In The House - for You?

Track 13 - Optic Nerve / End Cast

Leonard Rosenman - LSO

Film Score Monthly

You deserve to treat yourself to the absolute best!

Regardless of your chosen room size, the results are unquestionably the finest and most transparent picture and sound presentation by design available anywhere in the world and available from any source you chose.

A well respected concert hall /cinema design suitable for an audience of just over 4,000.

Once created, your screening and listening room is sanctioned by me as the Kipnis Studio Standard Screening Experience, created to be as immersive and enjoyable a performance space as anything ever possible.

A frame from “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”

This Single Lens Cinerama Version shows optical squeezing at the outside edges of the image that are required for film based Deep Curve Cinerama projection.    (Courtesy of Jeff Joseph, Sabucat Productions)

To guarantee absolute picture and sound fidelity, the Kipnis Studio Standard requires a room whose acoustics and site lines are carefully considered and tested, based on decades of viewing experience and my exacting requirements.

An 45-degree elevated view of the Bridge of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise. The centrally located Helm and Navigation stations are replaced by seating of your choice in your hand-tailored Ciné. The Captain’s chair is replaced by a digital editing chair, allowing the director or editor ideal sight-lines and enhanced sound coverage.

The astonishing level of picture and sound information you will experience is only limited by the source material, allowing a unique opportunity for professionals and their devotees to have an absolute reference for evaluating and grading their work.

A reverse angle of the Bridge of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise. Observe the rather puny “view screen” which is very comparable to how most people watch plasma and LCD TVs in their home - way too far away.

Your “Captain’s Chair” guarantees you better performance than even Academy Screening Standards - and all from your center seat in a carefully designed and constructed “holosuite”.

The Bridge from the TV show Star Trek: The Animated Series - note the centrally located “Captain’s Chair”, the command center of the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise, designed by Matt Jefferies.

Clearly, in order to experience the most transparent presentation of a film, television program, music disc, or other source you choose, one absolutely must be situated at the focal point of that experience whose goal is great picture and sound quality. It is critical, then, to create a room whose focal point is centered around one person - you!

An example of a truly bad Drive-In with poor picture quality (washed out - bad blacks, little color, off centered image) exacerbated by sitting way off center and too far back!

Seating position in a theater or screening room makes all the difference in experiencing great picture and sound fidelity versus what you are probably used to in most cinemas. Sit too close or too far away and the experience tends to be diminished. Sit off center by very much and everything changes, both picture and sound, and almost always for the worse!

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