Cinema Gamma


I believe that all viewing experiences aspire to be the greatest and the best that they possibly can be. But there is also the desire to have it fit in, to be part of the home - the whole home, including the living room, the bedroom, and even your kitchen!

Track 5 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Alan Silvestri/ PPO

Silva Screen

Are you Ready to Eat!

Be amazed by your desire for pure quality!

Bring your movies, television, internet, sports, video games and cooking programs back up to life-size.

But the true value of Ciné Gamma is in being able to “eat, live, and love” with whatever programming you choose in the most spectacular presentation space available anywhere in the world:   .  .  . your own home!

The quality of her picture and sound has got to be important, especially with cooking being such a precise art and science.

This is not Rachael Ray’s “$40 Dollar’s a Day”, but I know that she would be the first to say visual and aural appeal is critical to enjoying great tasting food. After all, she produces over 300 hours of her own television food shows each year - and that’s a lot of programming!

In Rachael Ray’s own words:     “YUMM-O”!!!

Using a specially designed translucent motion picture & television screen from Stewart Film Screens allows for the projection equipment to be tucked away behind the screen - creating a completely “hidden until needed” design where an entire wall becomes the viewing screen!

Now you can cook right alongside the likes of Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Paul Prudhomme, and Jacques Torres, just to begin with - all thanks to incredible new 4k Digital SXRD technology - and life-like light levels, color, and 3-Dimensionality.

One entire wall spanning 16’ wide by 9’ tall becomes your window on the world of cooking entertainment, sports,  news, movies, or whatever you desire to experience - at the touch of a button.

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Ciné Gamma is designed for the people who love to cook and watch, simultaneously. Take any meal preparation and add television, movies, even the internet to it on a literally life-sized screen!

Please email for a Demonstration!