The largest and most immersive of our screening experiences, Ciné Alpha is designed to supersede any previous expectations regarding picture and sound presentation quality that you may have had.

Cinerama for the 21st Century

Cinema (Ciné) Alpha

Track 3 - From Russia with Love

John Barry / LSO

Silva Screen

Literally, The Greatest Show on Earth!

No other cinema system designed and created has ever pushed the limits of what is possible sonically and visually this far. Our goal is to produce a cinema experience for you of unparalleled aural and binaucular immersion and ultimate home and professional enjoyment.

Sound must easily equal picture quality in conveying the full experience of a film or television program. The experience of great sound reproduction should be comparable to that of the best concert halls under the baton of the greatest maestros. Consequently, an orchestra of carefully integrated audio technologies are brought together to create Wall-to-Wall and Floor-to-Ceiling Sound that is arguably better and more compelling than reality

Scalers are the key to adapting and displaying multiple sources on the same ultra enormous screen, particularly from multiple projectors. Highly refined tools, such as Sony’s Media Block LMT-100, and those I’ve commissioned from Snell & Wilcox and Terranax allow for seamless integration and presentation at the touch of button. Yet, the specific level of immersion produced by Ciné Alpha is absolutely spectacular - defining an entirely new era in visual playback fidelity.

For such elaborate systems, only the finest curved screen (made up of thousands of individual vertical elements going from floor to ceiling) allows viewers in the center seats - The Director’s Chairs - to experience films and television as though they are there.

Alternately, a wider Super Digital Cinerama presentation of 10,800 x 4,096 (2.64 aspect ratio - exactly the same shape as 70mm Anamorphic such as Todd-AO) is also possible, offering a complete recreation of the Super Cinerama Dome picture and sound concept, completely updated into the 21st century.

Motion Pictures seen in a commercial movie theater simply cannot begin to compare, except under the most controlled of circumstances!

To create this complex presentation, no less than FOUR flagship Sony Ciné Alta projectors - SRX-T420 - are hand chosen and calibrated to seamlessly integrate together. Combined, they produce a startling Ultra-HDTV image of 8,192 x 4,320 (1.90 aspect ratio); a “16k” picture with a full 35.39 Mega-pixels which produces images well beyond the clarity and color gamut of even the most judiciously created IMAX and 70 mm AMPAS prints.

The Screen Literally Wraps Around You, along with The Sound!

Drawing from the great Super Cinerama Domes and Movie Palaces of the past, combined with breathtaking concert hall acoustics, cutting-edge digital projection systems, and stereophonic sound (12-1280 channel) technologies are brought together to create the single largest, sharpest, and most spectacular widescreen movie and television presentations ever to be experienced.

The 4K panels are 4 times the size of a 2K panel, more than 4 times Full HD, and almost 24 times that of SD DVD!

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KSS Ciné Alpha   -   Digital Cinerama Home Theater   -   Seating for 135 People   -   60’ Wide Deep Curved Screen

Sony SRX-T420    -    4k = 10 Megapixel Professional Cinema Projector    -    3D Capable  /  26,000 ANSI Lumens

The plush interior lobby of the KSS Ciné Alpha “El Capitan” Theater

The plush and intricate interior of the KSS Ciné Alpha “El Capitan” Spanish Revival Theater

The Tiered Seating and Direct Site Lines of the KSS Ciné Alpha “Bradshaw” Theater

Join us for an experience in Cinema and Music fidelity

unlike anything you’ve ever imagined!


The ceiling, walls, and floor of the KSS Ciné Alpha “Modern” Theater features special acoustic lensing to provide each seat with identically natural holographic sound imaging.

Think BIG in your own KSS Ciné Alpha “Modern” Theater