Source signals begin life as very tiny voltages!


Track 7 - Run Fay Run

Isaac Hays


The hairs will be raised on the back of your neck!

... a sensation that is both accurate, completely pleasing to the ears, and totally immersive.

I assure you that both choices together are necessary for a completely balanced system to emerge and create the sensation of reality...

So which is right for you?

And each offers its own unique compliment of presentation qualities and transparency of sound.

Either technology can produce exceptionally realistic results.

The choice is almost entirely yours.

Vacuum tube amplification produces more tonally realistic sound and allows for timbrel and spatial tweaking via variations of the tubes - over 500 of them in Ciné Beta & Gamma.

Solid-state amplification offers rock solid control, 3-dimensional sound-staging, tonal authority and great reliability.

These miniscule signals must be amplified in order to produce a recognizable and suitably loud sound from the loudspeakers - 96 speakers in Ciné Beta!

This is the main reason for using an All Differential Balanced-Power Supply System for each and every component - really really low noise induction.

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30 - McIntosh MC-2102 Vacuum Tube Amplifiers Operating in Bridged / Balanced Mode - Outfitted with 30 hand-matched sets of Electro Harmonics KT-88, 12AX7, 12AU7 tubes.

Sequential Serial numbers from 1811 - 1840!

(225 Watts into 8 Ohms Continuous, 450 Watts 1/2 second duration into 8 Ohms)

McIntosh Total:   6,750 Watts continuous, 13,500 Watts 1/2 second duration

3 - Crown Macro Reference Class - A A/B Amplifiers (modified by the designer) operating in Bridged / Balanced Mode.

(1425 Watts into 8 Ohms continuous, 2850 Watts 1 second duration into 8 Ohms)

Crown Total:   4,275 Watts continuous, 8,550 Watts 1 second duration

2 - Mark Levinson 31.5 Class A A/B Amplifiers operating in Bridged / Balanced Mode.

(145 Watts into 8 Ohms continuous, 300 Watts 1/2 Second duration into 8 Ohms)

Levinson Total:   290 Watts continuous, 900 Watts 1 second duration

Total Watts:   11,315 Watts continuous, 22,950 Watts 1/2 - 1 Second duration.

(An IMAX theater is typically 12,000 burst watts distributed over 5.1 channels)

However, the fully finished Ciné Beta design includes:

44 McIntosh Amps(9,900 Watts continuous, 19,800 Watts burst)

16 Crown Amps(22,800 Watt continuous, 44,600 Watts burst)

Total Ciné Beta Watts:   (32,700 Watts continuous, 64,400 Watts burst)

(An OmniMax Dome Theater typically has 56,000 burst watts of power spread over 24.1 channels)

Cine Beta    -    Amplification Power Capability

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