Great Acoustics Don’t Just Happen By Accident!


Track 10 - The Naked and the Dead

Bernard Hermann / PPO

Silva Screen

Unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

You will be astonished!

This is your Window on Your World!

The combined technical and artistic disciplines brought together in the Kipnis Studio Standard guarantee image and sound quality that far exceed IMAX or Academy Motion Picture Screenings under the finest of conditions.

The Kipnis Studio Standard utilizes acoustic designs that have been proven over the history of human civilization. Classic performance spaces re-created using modern materials and construction techniques can now produce the best and most refined combination of great acoustics inside a visually and technically stunning “holosuite” of your choice.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to create (preferably from the ground up) a well thought out screening room or theater in which the equipment, furniture, and the acoustic itself all cooperate to produce an unparalleled recreation of the source, whatever that may be.

Even with a great sounding room, however, improper or inaccurate placement of the speakers, screen, furniture, or acoustic treatments can still ruin an otherwise enjoyable and transparent screening experience.

The acoustics of your screening room should have the same qualities as those great sounding concert halls throughout the world.

Take this example: A prized Stradivarius, Guarneri, or Amati violin still requires a well tailored acoustic in order to shine properly. For comparison, simply listen to one of these rare instruments outside in a courtyard and then, alternately, from inside a great sounding concert hall.

Even the very finest recording and playback equipment can produce poor sounding results when assembled and set-up in less than an ideal sounding room.

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