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Ultimate     Cinema    &    Home     Theater     Designs!

... to suit your exacting AV tastes, budget, & requirements

Ultimate     Cinema    &    Home     Theater     Designs!

... to suit your exacting AV tastes, budget, & requirements

Because time is your most precious commodity, Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) Home Theaters are by far the best way to experience movies, television, or any other audio / visual media you may imagine. It maximizes every viewing and listening moment, delivering the most impact and enjoyment possible. A KSS Home Theater is entertainment time spent as you’ve always imagined it.

Since 1969, Kipnis Studios has been involved in developing a new way to watch and enjoy media: movies, television, music, live sports, concerts, and video games; a way to make them more exciting, involving, and immersive experiences.

The enormous picture is clear, well-defined, and bright as daylight -- and in combination with the precisely matched KSS multi-channel hemispherical 8.8 & 12.12 surround sound system, a Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) Home Theater is truly capable of immersing one completely and totally in visual and aural sensorial entertainment.

It’s a new and genuinely better way to design & enjoy your Home Theater.

The Kipnis Studio Standard (KSS) meets these objectives. Its picture size is more than ten times that of the largest (70-inch diagonal) conventional LCD or Plasma television monitor. Its usable viewing area is more than 182 square feet -- a little more than 10 feet high and 18 feet wide -- a total of 22 feet diagonal! KSS is capable of producing more than 144 discrete - 10 Megapixel 2.39:1 3D images each second -- allowing for the very first time (in the home or Cinema) the accurate electronic recreation of three-dimensional reality -- equivalent to human vision!

Along the way, we decided weI wanted every one of our favorite movies, television programs, music albums, and games to be available in a specialized non-volatile electronic library -- summonable at the touch of a single wireless button. In so doing, this room offers the best picture, the best sound, and the single highest quality and easiest to activate Home Theater presentations of cherished media memories possible.

Essentially, this is a Time Machine -- capable of bringing us back in time to experience our cherished favorites -- just like when we saw them for the first time -- only better!

In this pursuit, we have created a room that is regal, beautiful, and magnificent to be in, offering an opportunity in our hectic lives to treasure time, once again, if only for a few hours -- just as when attending a live concert performance or broadway show!

Our aim has been to build a room that provides a far bigger and brighter picture than conventional television and home theater typically allows for; a truly IMAX large-screen; life-size movie & television pictures, along with realistic, monumental -- “Earth Shattering”, “Spine Tingling” multi-channel surround sound. Along with the immense picture and sound has come the requirement for circuitry of a much higher caliber of performance standard than the usual home (or professional) movie theater, to produce an experience that reveals, for the first time to most people, just how good the best-quality images and sonics can truly really be.

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